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a la carte and private karaoke room

every Sunday from 10:30AM & now Sunday Dinner

its all about the dumplings!

Yum Cha


We’re bringing flavors from the east - to your plate.

On Sundays the place comes alive with their Yum Cha trolley and trays of steamer baskets being delivered to a full house.


With over 30 different little delicacies specializing in dumplings and steamed rice rolls with delicious fillings, steamed barbecue pork buns, spring rolls, a variety of wontons and of course their famous siu mei.

Roasted meats such as peking duck, pink and juicy cha siu pork and Chinese crispy skin roast pork belly enjoyed with a selection of rice and noodle accompaniments and of course steaming hot Chinese tea. 

*Reservations are certainly reccomended

We partner with UberEats for Delivery

​Our Noodles Are Coming Your Way

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